EVER CHINA GROUP (EC), founded on June 3, 1992 is one of Southeast Asia’s most competitive raw material plastic distributors. Headquartered in Hong Kong, our business covers the areas in Mainland China (Shenzhen, Guangdong, Shanghai), Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam and U.S.A. (West Coast).

Ever China has a well-channeled sales network and the diverse range of materials we distribute continues to expand, some of which includes ABS, GPPS, HIPS, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PP, SAN, EVA, PMMA, POM, PC, NYLON6/66 to name a few. We have excellent rapport with our suppliers and customers; efficient customer service and competitive pricing that allow us to fulfill the needs and satisfaction of our international customers.

Additionally, we have a cost efficient logistics network, which provide after-sale services to our customers. We assist our customers in collecting delivery orders, and/or deliver the products directly to their factories or port of preference. This allows Ever China to offer exceptional after-sales service.

Ever China has strategically located warehousing of our products for logistics and supply efficiency. This allows for quicker delivery service, cater to customers’ smaller order requirements and provides stock for customers who may request last minute supply to meet their peak season contracts.

Our creative management and forward thinking strategy has kept Ever China profitable and competitive in the market. In early 2007, we have expanded our China operations by establishing local presence with our RMB delivery business. Shen Zhen Ever China has received value-added tax (VAT) incentive through this business route, which further reassures our customers of our commitment in the business. This is evident that we are up to speed with China’s progression and evolution in the trading environment.

Ever China with over 16 years of petrochemical industry presence, we are able to maintain a close relationship with our key suppliers. With this good rapport with the suppliers, we are able to provide assistance when our customers encounter technical issues within their production process or during shipment.

Our experience in the plastic industry, our knowledge of the plastic market, close relationship with our suppliers, and our awareness of our customers’ needs, allows Ever China to fulfill the needs of the plastic market and offer exceptional professional service.

Ever China is also a financially stable company. This is an important attribute for our suppliers and customers. It provides added confidence that we can pay our suppliers and our customers can rest assure that we will remain their distributor of choice for years to come.

SINCE ITS INCEPTION, Ever China has built and continues to build its reputation as one of the leading plastic material distributors in Southeast Asia.

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